5 Reasons Why You Could Lose Your Job

By First Posted: Nov 23, 2013 Sat 11:47 AM Updated: Sep 22, 2014 Mon 8:25 PM
5 Reasons Why You Could Lose Your Job
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The economy is not in a good shape right now and inflation is just one of the symptoms. As the nation grips with the highest inflation rates in the world, companies are busy firing staff to cut costs and improve bottomlines. So wen a company decides to trim the workforce, how does it decide on who to get rid of? What factors affect this decision? More importantly, could you be on the "pink slip" list?

5 Reasons Wy You Could Lose your Job

1. "Cant stay late." Leaving sharp at 6 is seen as shirking work in modern working environment. Anyone who makes a habit of leaving "early" is seen as less than competitive.

2. "That's not my job." It might not be, but saying NO to new responsibilities is as bad as saying you want to resign!

3. "This can't be done." Whatever the hell are you being paid for? It's your job to do things that are not easy.

4. Being indiscreet about looking for a new job.

5. Using work time to send texts, check FB page and gossip. Being unprofessional, lazy and useless at work. No-brainer, right?

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