Tejpal Proves That Education Doesn't Change Male Attitudes!

By First Posted: Nov 22, 2013 Fri 9:00 AM Updated: Nov 22, 2013 Fri 10:30 AM
Tejpal Proves That Education Doesn't Change Male Attitudes!
Image Credit: Asia Society

When the nation woke up to th shocking news of Dec 16 gang rape of Delhi, many blamed the lack of education for this. As one incident followed another, this opinion deepened in the society that the culprits are usually from the lower strata of the society and not much educated. But now the nation has been shocked again. Tarun tejpal, the editor-in-chief of Tehelka, has now been accused of molestation by a subordinate female editor.

You will be even more shocked to know that this woman is the daughter of Tarun's ex-colleague, and also a friend of his own daughter. Yet, Tarun molested her, not once, but twice. The two seperate incidents happened at Tahelka's Think festival in Goa, earlier this month. When the victim tried to walk away and turn down her boss' advances, he told her that she could easily keep her job if she let him have his way with her. Next day he again tried to molest her. 

The victim is a courageous woman who immediately complained to the Managing Editor and also informed Tarun's daughter who is a friend of the victim. Tarun has offered an unconditional apology to the victim and has also offered to suspend himself from his position at Tahelka for 6 months. But is this enough?

This is what Tarun wrote in his email to the Managing Editor: "The last few days have been most testing, and I squarely take the blame for this. A bad lapse of judgment, an awful misreading of the situation, have led to an unfortunate incident that rails against all we believe in and fight for. I have already unconditionally apologized for my misconduct to the concerned journalist, but I feel impelled to atone further. I feel atonement cannot be just words. I must do the penance that lacerates me. I am therefore offering to recuse myself from the editorship of Tehelka, and from the Tehelka office, for the next six months."

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