Tricks To Get A Slimmer Look!

By First Posted: Oct 24, 2013 Thu 9:00 AM Updated: Jan 6, 2016 Wed 6:13 AM
Tricks To Get A Slimmer Look!
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A lot of young women remain on diets for decades, a few eat "healthy" forever, and a few even exercise religiously in order to maintain a sexy svelte figure. But most of us really hate doing these things. We love toeat, and we hate to workout, even though we should. So how do we look good? Simple...just know the right tricks!

Tricks That Make You Look Slimmer

1. Colour of your Dress: Stick to dark colours. Black is your best friend as it's very slimming. Navy blue, dark brown are also good for plus sized women.

2. Pattern of the Dress: Go for monochromatic styles. Do not wear contrasting colours as they will make you look bigger in the middle. Also, never choose horizontal stripes on any part of your dress, and avoid cheque-prints.

3. Cut of your Dress: Deep V shaped neckline is the best for big women. Avoid turtlenecks or close necked dresses. Sleeveless dresses also work well for plus sized women.

5. Correct Posture: Even maintaining the right posture can work wonders for making you slimmer. Tuck in your tummy, raise your head high and walk upright to look glam and classy.

6. Get the Right Hairdo: Even your hairstyle affects how slim or fat you look. If you have a round face, go for layered bangs that make it look slimmer instantly.

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