Do You Suffer From An Eating Disorder?

By First Posted: Oct 22, 2013 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Aug 11, 2014 Mon 10:58 PM
Do You Suffer From An Eating Disorder?
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Kareena made Size Zero a well known term in India with her skinny act in one of her films. She has maintained a skinny body since, and most of the other actreses have also jumped on to the Size Zero bandwagon at some point in their careers. Little do these actresses realize that their looks and actions influence lakhs of young women in India, and they are inadvertantly leading them on a path to poor health. We know have scores of youngsters being treated for eating disorders, which are nothing but a manifestation of the Size Zero fad.

Do You Suffer From An Eating Disorder?

Here are a few symptoms of eating disorders, that will help you in finding out if you or someone you know suffers from an eating disorder.

1. Mood swings in a very common symptom of a person suffering from poor nutrition.

2. Change in behaviour is also easily noticeable. The patient becomes more interested in his/her own looks and also observes the looks of other people more closely.

3. The person becomes obsessive. He/she won't buy any product without reading the labels for nutrition details, and also becomes very picky about what to eat and what not to eat.

4. He/she uses the restroom immediately after consuming a full meal. This is obviously indicative of Bulimia.

5. They maintan a food diary and note down the details of every morsel they consume. They also tend to exercise more.

6. The person suffering from an eating disorder will have a poor body image. They tend to see themselves in a poor ligh, and imagine themselves to be much more heavy than  they really are!

If you, o anyone you know, has the symptoms described above, it would be a good idea to sek medical help to diagnose and correct the eating disorder.

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