5 Ways to be More Active and Healthy

By First Posted: Aug 13, 2013 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Mar 24, 2015 Tue 3:04 PM
5 Ways to be More Active and Healthy
Image Credit: Parents for Health

If you think you need to join a gym or go for jogging everyday in order to be a little active, you are completely wrong. There are many simple ways to increase your activity levels without forcing yourself into a boring exercise routine. Here's how:

1. Take up a sport. Competitive sports are a great way of being more active, while enjoying every minute of it! There are many benefits of playing sports, and increased activity levels is just the beginning of them.

2. Put on your dancing shoes. Dancing is fun and it keeps you in shape. Who doesn't enjoy a good grooving session to Bollywood tunes?

3. Get foxy. Read that as getting sexy! Having more sex makes you more active too!

4. Take the stairs. This simple habit of always taking the stairs makes you a lot more active than your peers.

5. Walk to the store! If you can supress the desire to take out your car when going to purchase something at the neighborhood store, it means you can get more active easily. Try to go walking wherever you can. It's that simple really!


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