How To Shop For Your Baby

By First Posted: Jul 12, 2013 Fri 10:13 AM Updated: Jul 7, 2015 Tue 2:37 PM
How To Shop For Your Baby
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If there's a little one in your family, or on the way, you will want to buy all the best things in the world for her. All parents, especially the first timers, are so excited about shopping for their babies that they often end up buying a lot of stuff that's never used! Memsaab brings you a few shopping tips that will help you in making good buying decisions for your baby.

- Don't start shopping till the baby arrives. When you do bring your little one home, dress her in hand me downs for at least 2-3 weeks before you start dressing her in new clothes. Old and worn out clothes are soft on your baby's skin and hence better in the first few weeks. 

- Avoid buying big ticket items for a few weeks. As your relatives and family visit to congratulate you, they might come with one of these items. In India, it is customary for the family to gift items like pram, walker, crib, cot, baby bedding, blankets etc. So it  is better to let your family buy their gifts before you start buying things.

- When you start buying clothes for your baby, buy only soft hoisery material clothes at least for the first few months. Any other material can cause skin rashes and irritation. Avoid buying pretty frocks with stiff lining or cute trimmings and embellishments. These clothes may look cute to you but they are uncomfortable, pinchy, and possibly harmful for your baby.

- Never buying too  many "outside wear" clothes for you in a single go. Babies may change size every few weeks, so it could end up being a waste of money!

- If buying a baby mattress for your baby to play on the floor, makle sure it's the right thickness. When she starts to roll over and tries to crawl, she will bang her head many times on the floor. A mattress that is not thick enough could be very harmful.


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