Is Break-Up Affecting Your Health?

By First Posted: Jul 1, 2013 Mon 9:00 AM Updated: Aug 2, 2016 Tue 1:03 AM
Is Break-Up Affecting Your Health?
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When Sarla and Sahil broke up, it was a mutual decision. Things were not working for them anymore. After 4 years of being together, Sarla ended up feeling that Sahil wasn't as involved in the relationship as he should have been. Sahil, on the other hand, felt that Sarla had become too needy and clingy. When they seperated, it seemed like a natural conclusion of things. But it broke Sarla completely. She went into a manic depression and sufered physically as well as mentally. It took 4 months of phychological counselling to get her back on her feet. Are you letting this happen to you too?

How a Breakup Can Affect Your Health?

Depression and anxiety are natural outcomes of a breakup if the person was really involved in the relationship and had some emotional investment therein. But this should ideally be just a phase that one can get out of within a couple of weeks. If this phase lasts longer, you are letting the breakup affect your health. A few symptoms of this are:

1. Not being able to sleep even after a few weeks have passed since the breakup.

2. Increased consumption of alcohol or smoking.

3. Reduced or no appetite even after the ideal grieving period of a few weeks.

4. Emotional Eating and weight gain is a classic symptom of the nerves getting the better of you!

5. Disinterest in social interactions, going out or indulging in any activity. If this continues even after a couple of weeks, things are bad!

If you feel dpressed and show these symptoms even after a few weeks have passed, then you should be rethinking your priorities. Was the relationship more important than your life and health too? Try to encourage yourself to move on. This can be done by taking one step at a time. Go out, meet with friends, try to bring back the cheer into your life. After all, the demise of a relationship doesn't have to mean the end of life itself!


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