Your Favorite Classic "Sholay", Now in 3D!

By First Posted: Jun 30, 2013 Sun 9:00 AM Updated: Jul 1, 2013 Mon 11:54 AM
Your Favorite Classic
Image Credit: IBN Live

Bollywood has many classic and cult films, but there's none like Sholay! No film can match the success and cult status of this film. Decades after it was released, people still remember each character and each dialogue of the film. The credit can only go to the amazing writers, cast and crew of the film.

Sholay is now being remade in a 3D version 38 years after it was originally made. Whether you are a big fan or whether you have never seen the film (there is no other option), this is a great piece of news for you! Technicians have been working on making the film into the 3D format for over a year now. It has been reported that the 3D Sholay should be ready for release very soon. This is an attempt to introduce this film to the children and youngsters of the modern times.

Celebrities in this Article: Dharmendra Deol, Amitabh Bachchan
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