Raveena's Diet Tips For Kids

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Raveena's Diet Tips For Kids
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As a mother of 2 children (Rasha and Ranbir), Raveena has good sensible advice for all the moms who struggle to make their children healthier. Raveena believes that good health starts with good eating habits, and foundations for good eating habits must be laid down in childhood.

Raveena says, "When I started working in the movies, I never went on a crash diet or put myself through stress because my mother had inculcated good eating habits in me since I was a child. That’s why you've never heard stories about me fainting on the set of a film. I’ve done the same for my kids. Rasha and Ranbir (daughter and son) don’t touch aerated drinks. I’ve told them it’s unhealthy and they are okay with it. They know they can have it but only occasionally."

Diet Tips To Make Children Eat Healthy Food

- Inculcate a habit of consuming fresh vegetables by keeping your refrigerator stocked with colorful fresh vegetables. Keep them in the kitchen and on the dining table too so that they are visible to the eye.

- Prepare veggies in different forms and textures. From fresh raw bell peppers to mashed broccoli or stir fried beans and carrots, vegetables should be made to look interesting and yummy.

- Let your children have one yummy dish with 2 boring dishes at every meal. 

- Keep fried and processed foods out of your daily menu.

- Reduce the buying of unhealthy foods like fries, chips and colas.

- Always give a very healthy breakfast to your children. Boiled eggs, nuts, fruit, wholewheat toast, oatmeal and yogurt are good choices.

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