Finally Debit-cum-Credit Cards in India!

By First Posted: May 29, 2013 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: May 29, 2013 Wed 9:02 AM
Finally Debit-cum-Credit Cards in India!
Image Credit: Yahoo

Good news for all those people who are big fans of plastic money. Are you sick of carrying multiple cards and remembering all the passwords and pincodes? You can soon be free of this hassle. Central Bank of India is all set to launch a card that will act as both debit and credit card. The other good news is that this card shall be offered free of cost to all customers. No processing fees anymore!

Talking about the new card, Mr S Dasgupta, the General Manager of Central Bank of India said, "We are in the process of making kits for these cards. We expect to launch th card within a month. We haven't worked on the details of the card yet but initially the card will be given free to customers."

The debit-cum-credit card shall switch automatically to credit mode when the funds are not sufficient for a transaction in the account. But when there are sufficient funds, it shall serve as a debit card.



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