Tricks and Tips For Lovely Lips

By First Posted: May 1, 2013 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Apr 17, 2016 Sun 1:13 AM
Tricks and Tips For Lovely Lips
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Lovely red lips are the biggest turn on for most men. Red or pink, the colour doesn't matter really! But lovely, well cared for, and well made up lips are a big attraction for anyone.If you have lovely lips, the men will love it, and the women will hate it. Who doesn't want that?

Tips & Tricks For Lovely Lips

Colour: The foremost rule is that your eye make up and lips should not clash. So if you are wearing a lot of eye makeup, your lips should be nude. But if you are wearing bright red lipstick, your eyes should be a little subdued. Apart from this, go for whatever colours you like!

Application of Colour: Start by lining your lips with a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick. For lasting colour on your lips, apply a coat of the liner on the whole lips. Now apply the lipstick using a brush, or your index finger, or directly from the stick.

- Mix different shades of lipsticks to create new and exciting shades.

- Line the lips a little outside the natural line for fuller looking lips.

- Apply a coat of liner on the lips if you are using gloss instead of lipstick. This will keep the gloss in place for a few hours.

- Lick your lips before drinking from a glass. This prevents lipstick marks on glasses!

- Press a tissue between your lips to prevent lipstick marks on the teeth!

- Use a brush to get the last bits of lipstick out, even though you can't use  it directly any more.

- You can even use your lipstick as a blush. But this won't work the other way round!


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