How To Look Slimmer On Your Wedding Day

By First Posted: Apr 23, 2013 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Mar 8, 2018 Thu 9:34 AM
How To Look Slimmer On Your Wedding Day
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Indian weddings are usually a big affair and on the D Day, the bride is the focus of all eyes. There is huge pressure to choose the perfect dress, and look perfect on this day. So it's no wonder that young women start crash dieting months before their wedding day in an attempt to look slimmer and more beautiful than they feel. However, this crash dieting usually fails to bring any results and might even make you gain a few kilos. Crash dieting is never any good for anyone, and combined with the stress and pressure that brides-to-be are exposed to, it ends up being a waste of time and effort. So we bring you a few tips on how to look slimmer on your wedding day, without dieting!

How To Look slimmer On Your Wedding Day

1. Choose the Dress According to your Body Type. A fish cut lehenga is not a good choice if you are too heavy on the bottom, but is a great choice if you have narrow hips. The designers at wedding stores are usually the right people to ask for advice. They will identify your body type and make suggestions accordingly.

2. Choose the Right Underwear. Though the itsy bitsy nylon underwear is very pretty and holds great attraction for brides, it is not the right choice for your D-Day. Choose a bra which is comfortable, fits and provides adequate support. Similarly, go for panties that are in cotton and are comfortable. You could, however, choose the slimming panties if you wish to cinch in the waist and tummy a little. The right supportive underwear can make you look fitter and slimmer.

3. Practice good Posture. The correct upright posture makes you look taller and slimmer instantly. Slouching tends to sag the breasts and make the stomach stick out. So practice walking and sitting with a straight back.

4. Choose the Right Colours. If you are wearing a lehenga and are concerned about looking too big, choose an outfit in a single colour. If you choose an ensemble with different colours for the top and the lehenga, it could make you look shorter and broader. Also, dark colours make you look slimmer, so explore different shades from maroon to wine.

5. Wear High Heels. A taller person naturally looks slimmer. So try to gain a few extra inches with high heels. Try to choose shoes that are high but comfortable. since the lehenga will hide the shoes completely, you could choose any shoes without worrying about style or design.

6. Accentuate Your Assets. The trick to taking the focus away from problem areas is to focus on the assets. So if you think you are big busted, have the choli cut with a wide necked design. This will draw the eye to the neck and shoulders. 

7. Drape The Dupatta right. Often the parlour ladies will tell you what is the latest fashion in the dupatta depatment and make suggestions. Though it's good to keep abreast of the fashion, it is more important to see what looks good on you. If you are concerned about looking too big, do not let anyone drape your dupatta on both the sides of your shoulders. It will make you look very fat, so go for a single side drape which will make you look slimmer instantly.

8. Feel Confident. Your happiness and confidence is what will really make you look gorgeous on the D-Day. So wear a smile and go dazzle everyone!

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