How Much Money Will Bollywood Lose When Sanjay Goes to Jail?

By First Posted: Mar 23, 2013 Sat 9:00 AM Updated: Mar 23, 2013 Sat 10:00 AM
How Much Money Will Bollywood Lose When Sanjay Goes to Jail?
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Now that the Supreme Court has sentenced Sanjay Dutt with imprisonment for 5 years, there is a big divide of opinions amongst the masses. On one hand, many people feel that this is the right judgment and there should be no difference between a commoner and a celebrity. But one section of the society (made up largely of celebrities) feels that Sanjay Dutt should be forgiven because we know that he is not really a terrorist. What do you think about it?

Though Sanju Baba isn't the "hero" any more, he still has a lot of money riding on him in his films. For instance, take this picture from Apoorva Lakhia's remake of "Zanjeer," where Sanju plays the iconic role of Sher Khan (essayed by Pran Sahab in the original). Sanjay looked so convincing that the plot was rewritten and a larger part was chalked out for him. Then there's "PK" for which Sanju had been shooting in Rajasthan recently. HE has also been shooting in Chennair for "Policegiri" which is a Tamil remake. He has also been working with director Sohan Shah on a project which has not yet been named, but has amazing sword fighting stunts. Another film to be released this year was "Unglee". There was also a Munnabhai project in the pipeline, but who can play the lovable goon if Sanju is not around? 

If Sanjau Baba goes to jail, what will become of all these films and their producers who have put their money on Sanjay?

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