Valentine's Day Revelations!

By First Posted: Feb 15, 2013 Fri 9:00 AM Updated: Feb 15, 2013 Fri 12:27 PM
Valentine's Day Revelations!
Image Credit: All About Puzzles on Blogspot

So did you have the perfect Valentine's Day yesterday? Roses, gifts, fancy dinner? Are you still smiling to yourself, thinking how much he loves you? Ah! Poor you! You are one of the millions of women who confuse the Valentine's Day pampering for true love.

Research shows that husbands who cheat on their wives, spend a lot on making the wife feel special on Valentine's Day. But the sad bit is that such husbands spend a lot more on their mistresses than they spend on heir wives on V Day!!! 

So now you are suddenly wondering if a mistress is the reason why he went overboard yesterday with the gifts and flowers etc? If you have never doubted the love and faithfulness of your partner, then now is not a good time to start! But if you have had your doubts in the past, then over-generous behavious of your husband on V-Day is a cause for concern.

Try to find out about your husband's spendings in the last few days. Mini statements from his ATM, credit card statements etc will come in handy for your investigation. Also try to find out about his real whereabouts if he had an "urgent and long" meeting yesterday.

We don't mean to drive you nuts with uncalled for jealousy and doubt. But if you have had your doubts in the past, your husband's behavious on Valentine's Day will definitely explain a lot!

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