Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home This Year

By First Posted: Feb 13, 2013 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Feb 13, 2013 Wed 12:19 PM
Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home This Year
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Most people associate Valentine's Day with chocolates, roses and restaurants. But truth be told, it  is just another day for working couples. The office does not give anyone a day off to celebrate the day of love, does it? So after a long hard day at work, who's got the energy or the will to dress up, get gorgeous, and go out on a date with the husband? It's so much more convenient to just order a pizza and curl up in bed, right?

How To Make Your Valentine's Day Romantic at Home?

If romance is on your mind, you don't need to go out and spend a bomb. You can do an equally great job at home too. Here's how:

Ambience: Set the mood by dimming the lights, lighting the candles, and spraying a nice floral room freshner.

Music: There's no romance without romantic music. So get some going as you gear up to celebrate the day of love.

Food: Forget the pizz this day. Rustle up an easy romantic meal yourself or order one from the nearby food joint. The menu should go something like a light soup, followed by your favorite pasta, and completed with a goey chocolate cake or something else chocolatey.

Dancing: This is the most romantic thing you can do together and have fun doing it! Dancing brings you close and sets the mood for other things...

Hey, at the end of your V-Day at home, you'll be wondering why did you ever go out on this day in all the years gone by!

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