Purple Walls For Brighter Sex Life?

By First Posted: Feb 5, 2013 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Feb 5, 2017 Sun 6:46 AM
Purple Walls For Brighter Sex Life?
Image Credit: NY Daily News

A study has revealed that the color of your walls has a definite bearing on your sex life! If your bedroom is painted a dull dreary cream, beige or white, you can expect your love life to be so too. But if you paint at least one of the bedroom walls a bright purple or red, you are sure to be lucky in bed!

Online retailer Littlewoods conducted a study amongst 2000 adults and found that people who have purple bedroom walls have sex as often as 3 times a week and this is the highest! Purple is followed by red, sky blue and pink when it comes to comparison of sex lives based on color of bedroom walls.

But what seems to have an even higher bearing on your sex life, is the kind of sheets you use. People who use silk sheets have an active sex life and are active 4.25 times a week. This is followed by people who use cotton sheets and are active 2.72 times a week. People who use nylon and polyester sheets are active 2.35 and 2.33 times a week respectively.

So if an uninspired sex life is bothering you, start by repainting the walls and changing the sheets!

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