How To Build Energy By Eating The Right Foods

By First Posted: Feb 3, 2013 Sun 10:16 PM Updated: Oct 8, 2015 Thu 9:53 AM
How To Build Energy By Eating The Right Foods
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Is it that you feel low on energy all the time? Do you feel tired often? At work, do you feel that you have run out of steam? It is quite possible that you may be low on energy and the diet that you are having is not able to support the high energy requirements that your body places on you. You need a solid energy building diet especially if your schedule is such that you are running about all the time. Nowadays, in big cities, places of work are far from homes and upon that with the high demands due to the stress of work, people need all the energy. Memsaab brings to you energy building foods that you can include in your diet.

1. Eggs - They are high on quality protein, vitamin B and iron all of which are essential nutrients. Include eggs in your diet to build a good quality body full of energy.

2. Bananas - Bananas are high in potassium and contain essential sugars which give you instant energy. Also potassium helps build muscle which also helps in losing weight faster. 

3. Whole grains - These are full of fiber and carbs which convert into glucose. They help in providing you energy that lasts and also help in improving your digestive system.

4. Legumes - Legumes are high on magnesium which helps in distributing energy to the cells of your body. 

5. Spinach - Spinach is high in iron which is an essential ingredient and helps improve blood supply and in the formation of new blood. 

Include these five foods in your diet and enjoy your days full of energy!

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