Tips To Prevent Cancer

By First Posted: Nov 26, 2012 Mon 9:00 AM Updated: Mar 14, 2016 Mon 6:25 AM
Tips To Prevent Cancer
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Till a few years ago, cancer was that deadly disease which afflicted rare people on TV or in films. But today cancer is the grim reality that stares many people in the eye. Cancer is now common and affects people we know and are close to. Experts say that cancer is becoming so common due to the ills of modern lifestyle. It is being said that cancer can be prevented, with good healthy habits. Here's how:

Cancer Prevention Tips

- Avoid Tobacco. Smoking or chewing tobacco is extremely harmful and is the biggest cause of oral cancer.

- Drink Red Wine. A glass of red wine a day is known to have good effect on general health and contributes to prevention of cancer.

- Eat Well. Broccoli, nuts, fresh fruit, dark chocolate etc are great for improving health. These foods can help in preventing diseases like cancer.

- Get Regular Exercise and Rest. Getting 40-60 minutes of exercise daily is crucial for good health and keeping cancer at bay. It is also important to get sound sleep for at least 7 hours a day and give your body a chance to heal from the daily wear and tear.

- Keep Your Weight in Check. Your weight has a lot to do with the diseases you will have to deal with in your lifetime, and cancer is one of those diseases. Obese people are at a higher risk for cancer affliction.

- Avoid Processed Foods. Processed food products are laden with carcinogens and it is best to avoid them completely. As a starter, stop eating everything that comes out of a packet.

- Reduce Hazardous Interactions. Too much exposure to mobile phones and microwave ovens is not good for you as it may be linked with cancer. So try to minimise your interaction with these hazardous materials.


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