Divali Mithai At Home - Motichur Laddoo

By First Posted: Nov 6, 2012 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Nov 6, 2012 Tue 11:11 AM
Divali Mithai At Home - Motichur Laddoo
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Every year news channels go crazy this time of the year, and come up with a news report every hour on adulteration in sweets. Yes, your local sweet shop is selling adulterated sweets. Does that mean one should go without sweets in this festive season of Divali? Certainly not! What this means is that now is the best time to learn the art of preparing traditional Indian sweets. 

So here's the first tutorial "Motichur Laddoo". Please remember you may need 1 or 2 attempts before you get this right, so don't attempt a big batch the first time.

Motichur Laddoo Recipe


1/3 cup milk 
1tblsp pistachios or cashews, chopped
few drops of orange sweet colour
pure ghee and cardamom powder
a pinch of baking powder
1/2 kg sugar
1/2 kg besan


-Start by sieving baking powder with besan and mix them well. Add 2 tbsp melted ghee and enough milk to make a thick batter.

-Heat ghee for frying. Drop little drops of the dough through a perforated spoon into the hot ghee and fry. Keep aside this boondi. Try to make as fine boondi as possible.

-Now make the sugar syrup by boiling sugar in water till it has dissolved completely. Add a little milk and heat till foam is formed. Strain and boil till the syrup becomes sticky. Now add cardamom powder and color and mix well.

-Add the boondi and the chopped nuts into this syrup and mix well.  Make laddoos while the boondi is still hot. Enjoy!

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