Make Your Own Chocolate Candy Gifts This Divali!

By First Posted: Nov 3, 2012 Sat 9:43 AM
Make Your Own Chocolate Candy Gifts This Divali!
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It's Divali time and everyone's busy shopping for gifts for their loved ones. One particular item that sells like hot cakes is chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate and it's a great choice when it comes to gifting. But have you ever tried making your own chocolate gifts?

Making your own gift chocolate candy is a great idea because it is very cost effective. But more than that, it adds your personal touch to every batch that you gift out to someone. It also gives you complete control over what ingredients go into your candy, and you can personalise according to the likes and tastes of the receiver.

Making Chocolate Candy Gifts At Home

What You Need: Dark Chocolate Bar (Half a kilo), Moulds, Wrapping Paper, Assorted Nuts, Honey etc

How To:

In a double boiler, first you need to melt the chocolate. You can also microwave it if you like. Now you need to get your candy in the moulds. This is really where you can go crazy with creativity. Use your likes and tastes to guide you into new ideas for candy. A classic candy goes like this:

Put a layer of melted chocolate in the moulds, drop in a layer of chopped almonds. Cover again with a layer of choclate. Referigerate this mould. The candy will be ready within an hour. Demould it and wrap individually in shiny packing paper.

When you have a couple of such batches of different candies, group them into assorted groups and pack them in a beautiful wrapping paper. You candy is ready to be given away!

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