How To Take Care of Hygiene in Public Places?

By First Posted: Oct 19, 2012 Fri 9:00 AM Updated: Aug 12, 2014 Tue 8:46 PM
How To Take Care of Hygiene in Public Places?
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So you wash your hands before meals, brush your teeth twice a day, shower properly and do other little things that protect you against the germs and disease causing bacteria in your homes and office. But hey, have you ever thought about the germs in public places? 

You are exposed to disease causing agents in all public places, including trains, busses, metros, shops, restaurants, cinema halls, malls etc. Any place which is frequented by other people is likely to be contaminated with all sorts of bacteria. How do you protect against them?

1. No Touching, No Touching! Avoid touching any hard surfaces when you are in a public place. The most dangerous surfaces are door knobs, railings on staircases, counters, tabletops etc. Avoid touching them and keep yourself disease free.

2. Arm Yourself With Handwash! You should always have an alcohol-based handwash in your purse. Whenever you touch surfaces, or are about to eat something in a restaurant, or feel you have soiled your hands, dab the handwash at your hands generously and rub them to kill the bacteria.

3. Don't Try Underwear! If you are buying the essentials, avoid trying on undies. When you do select your purchases, make sure you are buying fresh pieces that are properly packed and sealed. You certainly don't want to buy underwear that someone else has worn before you.

4. Keep Toilet Paper! You should always have toilet paper in your bag. If you have to use a public washroom, lay a layer of the toilet paper on the seat before you sit down to do your business. Sometimes they are out of paper, so you must have your own.

5. Eating It? Never eat anything that you see lying around uncovered. Even if you see really expensive baked goodies in a coffee shop! 

Take care of these little things, and you should be fine!

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