Falguni Pathak Is The Dandiya Queen Once Again!

By First Posted: Oct 3, 2012 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Oct 3, 2012 Wed 9:33 AM
Falguni Pathak Is The Dandiya Queen Once Again!
Image Credit: Santa Banta

Falguni Pathak has once again proved that nobody can beat her when it comes to the Dandiya. This lady has already been signed to sing at a Navratri festival for a whopping amount of 1.6 crores! Interestingly, Pathak has been signed by a new event organising company this year. It seems that the economic slowdown has hit Sankalp Entertainment and they have decided to not organise the Dandiya festival this year. But apparently economic trends do not affect big stars like Falguni!

In the modern world where young girls look up to thin and emaciated Bollywood actors for inspiration, Falguni is a real star. She is the role model to look up to because she has made success for herself with sheer talent, without giving up her traditional roots. She does not aspire to be a thin rock star because she knows people love her for what she does best- singing! 

If you'd like to rock this year's Dandiya with Falguni, try to get passes for the Goregaon Sports Complex Dandiya festival.

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