5 Things You Should Know About Abortion

By First Posted: Sep 4, 2012 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: May 18, 2015 Mon 12:05 PM
5 Things You Should Know About Abortion
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Abortion is considered a tool to protect women's righ to choose. In India, you can legally abort an unborn child by visiting a government authorized MTP centre. Medical Termination of Pregnancy is a sterile term that attempts to block out all emotions when you talk about this with the personnel at the centre. It is for you to choose whether or not you wish to have a baby, but there are a few things you must know before you make this choice.

1. Abortion is Equivalent to Killing. The staff at your MTP centre will use terms like "Fetal Tissue", Contents of Uterus" etc, but the fact is that it is your baby they are talking about. A baby developes completely at 12 weeks and all the systems are working. All she needs is a little time to develop further. If you abort her now, how is it different from killing? 

2. Abortion is Harmful to Mother. Abortions are not really as safe as you might think. Sometimes, the uterus is punctured, sometimes cervical muscles will be damaged; haemorrage and clots are another issue. Even successful abortions may lead to scarring of the uterine tissue. Due to these reasons, your future chances of having a baby may be ruined for good. In USA, 2 in every 10 women who abort, cannot have a baby afterwards.

3. You Will not be Able to Forgive Yourself. Abortion is not just a physical act. It will leave emotional scars that will haunt you for th rest of your life. 

4. Abortion is Violent. Please don't think that your baby will die without feeling any pain. The abortionist will do things that are extremely painful and violent for your little unborn child. Perhaps you need to do a little research about this.

5. You Don't Have to Abort. Abortion is not really required if you don't want to have it. You can easily give up your baby for adoption. These days infertility is on the rise and there are long waiting queues of infertile couples wanting to adopt. The baby you don't want can become the apple of smeone else's eyes.

Please think carefully about these things before you decide to abort your baby. Good Luck!

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