High Humidity Giving You Frizzy Hair?

By First Posted: Jul 7, 2012 Sat 9:00 AM Updated: May 13, 2017 Sat 1:06 AM
High Humidity Giving You Frizzy Hair?
Image Credit: Good Housekeeping

Many times a year, we witness high humidity in the air. It happens in the monsoons, it also happens when it rains in the winters. No matter how much it has rained or how dry your city is, humidity is very high in the air these days. The humid environment does not harm your skin much, but it can easily wreak havoc on your lovely hair if you are not careful.

What humidity does is that straight hair becomes wavy and curly hair becomes frizzy and  unmanageable. As the body loses moisture in the form of sweat, your hair strands also tend to dry up in this weather.

How To Fix It?

1. Use a generous amount of conditioner regularly. This will protect the strands against loss of moisture.

2. Try deep conidtioning treatments. You could use such products or try the good old steaming of well oiled hair at home.

3. Do not blow dry your hair in this weather because humidity has already given it a tendency to turn frizzy!

4. As far as possible, do not leave your hair open. If you have hair that can be tied in a ponytail, do so and your hair will remain healthy throughout this weather.


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