How To Socialize And Build Friendships

By First Posted: Jul 4, 2012 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Jun 11, 2016 Sat 4:40 AM
How To Socialize And Build Friendships
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Anuj has 379 friends on Facebook. But only a handful of them really know him. Fewer care for him, and even fewer spend any real time with him. Most people are sailing in the same boat. We keep on adding people as friends in our FB accounts, but we don't have time to make any real friends or do any real socialising. Even people with hundreds of friends on Facebook can get lonely in real life. How do you fix that?

How To Socialize and Make REAL Friends

Be around REAL people. This is the first step towards having a social life. You could spend hours on the internet without any real social interactions. Why don't you take a few hours out of your life and spend them with real people around you? Neighbors, co-workers, people in the park, folks in the coffee shops... they are all potential friends!

Join a club or a charity of like minded people. If you love books, join a book club. When you do so, you meet people who you can comfortably talk with about things that you both enjoy. Isn't that great?

Smile more often and be nice and friendly. People form perceptions about you long before they actually speak to you. If you want to be considered friendly and easy going, smile a lot at people you see around you. Be kind and considerate towards people in general, and you will find yourself surrounded by loving friends.

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