5 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex More Often!

By First Posted: Jun 21, 2012 Thu 9:00 AM Updated: Oct 31, 2014 Fri 7:50 PM
5 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex More Often!
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Sex feels GREAT and it is a lot of FUN. But this is not the only reason why it's good for you. In our busy lives, we often forget to make time for sex and it gets pushed to the back burner more often than it should. So Memsaab brings you a list of health benefits that sex brings into your life.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex More Often

1. More sex means better immunity. Researchers have found that there is a direct link between an antibody called Immunoglobulin A and sexual activity. People with higher level of sexual activity have more IgA and this antibody is what protects them against colds and other infections.

2. Sex helps you in staying in shape. Sex burns calories. 85 calories in 30 minutes may not seem like a big number, but if you do it more often, the calories lost add up and you can even lose weight!

3. Sex is good for the male heart. Don't let anyone tell you that men can get a stroke due to sexual activity. Far from it, scientists have discovered that men who have sex 2-3 times a week have half the risk of having a fatal heart attack as compared to those men who have sex once a month or lesser.

4. Sex reduces pain. Oxytocin levels go up in the body when we have sex. As the Oxytocin  levels rise, Endorphins are released in the body and we experience a decrease in pains and aches.

5. Sex reduces the risk of Prostate Cancer. Frequent ejaculations in 20s and 30s can cut the risk of prostate cancer later in life.

With such important health benefits associated with sex, do you need more motivation?

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