Why Men Find High Heels So Sexy?

By First Posted: Jun 6, 2012 Wed 9:37 PM Updated: Oct 12, 2019 Sat 8:23 AM
Why Men Find High Heels So Sexy?
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It doesn't matter what your size is..... as long as you wear sexy high heels. We asked men to rate qualities that they found sexy and attractive in women. You'll be surprised to know that most men ranked high heels very high on the list. So what is it that men love about high heels which are really quite uncomfortable for women?

The first reason why men love high heels is that women look taller when they wear high heels. Taller = Sexier, it's that simple!

Secondly, high heels give the impression of long and shapely legs. Again, long legs = Sexy sexy sexy!

High heels also alter the shape of the gluteus muscle, which is in your back. So for a sexy ass, go for sexy high heels!

Subconsciously, men like women who are vulnerable. High heels achieve that perfectly since they are uncomfortable and make escape difficult!

Now that you know why men like high heels, you can easily catch the attention of any tall hunks nearby!

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