Natural Ways To Control Your Diabetes

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Natural Ways To Control Your Diabetes
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Krishna was diagnosed with diabetes last month. When her doctor described the treatment options to her, she could not resist asking him how many years she had to live! Later she revealed that she had been a witness to a relative's painful amputations and subsequent death. Sad, but not universal.

Who says that diabetec people cannot live healthy and long lives? All it requires is a little care and a little change in lifesyle. Here are a few natural remedies that help in controlling the blood sugar levels.

- Jamun: This is the best friend of a diabetic. Everything on this tree, the fruit, leaves, bark etc is great for loweing high blood sugar. The fruit is great to taste too!

- Aloe Vera: Aloe can be useful for diabetics if taken in the right way. Mix a few teaspoons of Bay leaf powder with a spoonful of ground turmeric. Add a few teaspoons of aloe vera gel to this mixture and now take a spoon before each meal.

- Methi Seeds: Methi seeds are also known to lower blood sugar. The best way is to soak the seeds overnight and drink thi water in the morning. You can also add the seeds to your rotis and sabzis.

- Vegetable Juices. Though fruit juices elevate blood sugar, juice of vegetables like Karela and Lauki help in lowering blood sugar.

- Chana Atta: It is a great idea to replace the wheat atta in your diet with chana atta. Besan or the ground chana is very useful in lowering the blood sugar.

- Vinegar: It is said that a few spoonfuls of vinegar are as effective as a pill of Metformin in lowering the blood sugar. Try adding it to your food items or drinking mixed with a glassful of water.

- Walking and Exercising: This is as important as altering your diet if you want to control your blood sugar without becoming dependant on Insulin injections!

If you adopt these changes and focus on becoming more active, you will definitely be able to control your blood sugar levels naturally. Good Luck!

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