Are You Getting Fatter This Summer?

By First Posted: May 21, 2012 Mon 9:00 AM Updated: Mar 23, 2015 Mon 2:33 PM
Are You Getting Fatter This Summer?
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They say people put on weight in the winters. But if you are not careful about what you put into your mouth, you might find yourself a few kilos heavier by the time the summer ends. Wondering how? What is the first thing you eat/drink when you get home on a hot summer afternoon? Sweet cold and refreshing sodas? Lemonade? Canned juice? Icecream? Bad news is that all of these yummy refreshing things make you fat coz they are loaded with sugar.

So what should you eat on a hot summer day?

Best Summer Foods and Drinks That Won't Make You Fat

- Wonders of Nature. Chilled watermelon or a cold and refreshing fruit salad.

- Summery Drinks. Chilled drinks that are not loaded with sugar. Buttermilk/chach, salted lemonade, unsweetened juice etc.

- Chilled Soups. Light and clear soups can also be served cold. Many weightwatchers swear by these.

- Yummy Salads. Light summery salads with a dash of lemon and salt are yummy, cool and calorie light.

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