How To Look Slimmer In 2 Weeks

By First Posted: May 8, 2012 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Aug 13, 2016 Sat 1:20 PM
How To Look Slimmer In 2 Weeks
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Summer will soon be here and this is the time to show off the best in you. Do you look at girls wearing shorts with envy? Do you also want to show off sexy legs, but are embarassed due to the flab? Try our 14 day weight loss plan that will give you a better looking body in just 2 weeks. All you need to do is focus on and commit to the plan. Game?

14 Day Weight Loss Plan

Workout: There is no weightloss without exercise. The sooner you accept it, easier it will be for you to lose weight. So for the next 14 days, commit to a dedicated workout.

-You need to burn at least 400 calories everyday. This translates into 40-50 minutes of cardio every day. You can skip, dance, run, jog, cycle or swim.

-This cardiovascular training needs to be supplemented with resistance training that will help in toning up your body. So you should do light weight training for 20-30 minutes every alternate day. 20 minutes of Yoga on the other alternate days is a great idea too!

Dieting: There is no crash dieting involved. In fact you need to eat every two hours to boost metabolism. 

-Cut down your portion size by 50 % and increase the number of meals to at least 8. Your typical meals will be like 2 eggs on 1 wholemeal toast. Or a salad with tofu on the side. 

-Increase the intake of protein in your diet. Cut out as much carb from your diet as possible.

-Give up sugar, refined foods and junk food completely.

-Drink green tea and also lots of water.

With this workout and diet plan you can easily lose a noticeable amout of flab in just 2 weeks. But you need to show total commitment and hard work. Good Luck!

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