What Makes Beyonce The World's Most Beautiful Woman?

By First Posted: May 1, 2012 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Dec 8, 2014 Mon 2:31 PM
What Makes Beyonce The World's Most Beautiful Woman?
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Beyonce Knowles was  voted as the "Most Beautiful Woman in the World" last year. Beyonce certainly does not need any polls to confirm that she is indeed one of the hottest celebrities of our era. With her naturally curvy body and the sexy moves, it is hard to ignore Beyonce's beauty and grace. But how does she manage to maintain her fit and curvy body? We did a little snooping around to find out Beyonce's fitness and diet secrets just for you!

5 Day Workout: Beyonce trains with her personal days for 5 days every week. A typical training session includes 100 reps of walking lunges, squats and step-ups each! To make her workout more fun, Beyonce puts on her favorite music track and does bicep curls (5 pound weights) or kickboxing (3 pound weights) for the whole track.

Tough Taskmaster: Beyonce is a hard taskmaster when it comes to practice and performance. When she had a tour coming up in March, Beyonce started her choreography practice sessions more than 2 months before the D-Day. Throughout those 65 odd days, Beyonce choreographed for 9 straight hours everyday in 5 inch stilettos. That's how consistent and focussed she is!

Fitness Diet: A body like Beyonce's does not come without diet control. Beyonce has said that she eats a lot of green vegetables everyday. She avoids alcohol, bread and red meat completely. Her favorite cheat food is chocolate which she indulges in, once in a while. But she is sure to burn it off the next day with lots of running!

Fad Diet: Beyonce has said that when she is required to lose a lot of weight quickly, she has tried the Master Cleanse diet. This involves sustaining on liquids only and is not really advisable unless you are doing it under medical supervision.

So basically, it's a lot of hard work, focus and determination that gives Beyonce that Million Dollar body!


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