Fashion Or Health Hazards?

By First Posted: Apr 18, 2012 Wed 9:00 AM Updated: Mar 31, 2016 Thu 5:16 AM

Most women don't care much about their health if they are slim and look good. After all, being slim = being healthy, Right? WRONG! We do countless things everyday that affect our health, youthfulness and longevity. What we eat affects our health, and so does what we wear. Things we do today will have a great effect on how we feel / our health after a decade.

How Fashion Harms Your Body?

- High Heels: This has been researched and talked about over and over again. High heels can never be good for anyone. They impair your posture permanently, cause arthritis and tendon injuries and are even responsible for backache. Do you wanna be taller or healthier?

- Flip-Flops: Now you may be inclined to think that if high heels ae the enemy, flip flops might be the best friend. But they aren't. They provide absolutely no support or cushioning to the sole or heel. They can cause joint pain, shin splints and orthopaedic problems. So keep them reserved for when you go to the beach ONLY!

- Tight Jeans: FOr women, trying to fit into skinny jeans can cause Thrush or nerve compression. It has also been linked with problems in ovulation. For men, wearing tight clothes is linked with overheating of the testes, and thereby reducing sperm count!

- Corsets and Slimming Undies: These tight garments may give you a sexy look, but they are no good for your organs which are crushed underneath. You may get acidity, irritable bowel syndrome and various other complications due to repeated use of these restrictive garments.

So when buying clothes for yourself, always remember to choose comfort over style. Wear loose clothes that let your body be!

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