Wanna Get Back With Your Ex-Boyfriend?

By First Posted: Apr 14, 2012 Sat 9:00 AM Updated: Feb 6, 2016 Sat 1:56 AM
Wanna Get Back With Your Ex-Boyfriend?
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Relationships are complex. One minute there is so much excitement, passion and love, but the next minute it's all about arguments, screaming and name calling! One day you want to get married right away, the next day you end up dumping him! Naturally, it is possible to make mistakes in such circumstances. What if you have made a mistake and now repent it? Do you regret dumping him? Are you sorry he dumped you? Do you want him back?

How To Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend

- First of all, identify the real reason why you broke up. If you realise why it did not work out between you, think about whetehr it will work the second time. Are you willing to make adjustments and compromises so that it does? Think long and hard before deciding whether you want him back or not.

- So you do! Fine, so first of all, make the breakup an amiable one. Do not carry any bitterness. Suggest that you should continue to be friends. He'll respect you for this maturity.

- Now make opportunities where you can "accidentally" meet him every now and then. Keep running into him and make yourself inseperable from his memory.

- Never let him catch you looking dawdy and sad. Every time you run into him, you should look hotter than the previous ocassion. Make him want you more and more.

- There should be no moping, sadness, tears and accusations. Show him that you want both of you to move on. He will respect you but somewhere deep down, he will not like the fact that you get over him so easily.

- Continue to be extra nice to his family and friends.

- When you meet him, apologise for all the mistakes you made when you were together. Show him that you have realised your mistakes and are sorry for them. He should know that you do not lay all the blame on him.

In short, with these little steps, prove to him that he should be with you coz you are the person he fell in love with! Good Luck!


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