How Safe Is Your Marriage?

By First Posted: Mar 28, 2012 Wed 10:00 AM Updated: Jan 23, 2018 Tue 5:46 AM
How Safe Is Your Marriage?
Image Credit: Sue Unerman

You would agree that modern marriages are all about risk taking. You may get the partner of your dreams, or not. You may make a complete success of it, or not. Certainly there is no certainty. So how do you know whether your marriage is on safe grounds or is it on rocky waters? How To Tell If Your Marriage Is At Risk? -There is not much communication. If you never share your feelings, wants and needs with your partner, it is definite cause for concern. -There is autonomy in the marriage. If one partner holds all the power and takes all the important decisions, it is cause for concern. -There is too much "internet" in the marriage. Too much facebooking is never a good sign, especially for married people. Same applies to chatting and other social networking applications. -There are two different sets of goals. If you have differences, they should be sorted out. If you omit to do that, you will both end up with different goals and needs in life. How long can you stay together? -Respect is not a given. Many marriages have too much love, but too little respect. It cannot be a quality of marriages that last. There should be mutual respect as well as love to make it forver and ever!

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