No Time For Sex? Do Something!

By First Posted: Mar 22, 2012 Thu 9:00 AM Updated: Jan 29, 2015 Thu 12:22 PM
No Time For Sex? Do Something!
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Modern working couples are same all over the world. Long working hours, long commutes, a quick dinner and quicker sleep is the daily pattern seen amongst these couples. Stressful days are followed by stressful evenings, day after day, week after week and month after month. Sex and intimacy goes out of the window, naturally. If you think this describes your life, worry not coz you are not alone. It's the same story with most Indian couples today.

How To Bring The Zing Back Into Your Sex Life

1. Decide When. So much is said and written about spontaneous sex that we believe it's the only way to have sex. But are yopu having it really, or are you just waiting for spontaneous sex to happen spontaneously? It is better to have a discussion with your partner about how often both of you wish to have sex.

2. Plan Now. After you decide the frequency of your sexual interactions with your partner, you need to plan on how to implement this decision. It is best to set one day of week for this purpose. Fridays or Saturdays, whichever you pick, just make sure that you don't give up sex on that day for any reason. No parties or shopping or kids homework should be acceptable as an excuse.

3. Quickies Work. Always remember that a quickie is better than no sex. Once you learn this, your sex life won't suffer.

4. Be Creative. Don't leave your creative talents in the office when you head home. Show a little creativity in the bedroom too. Spice up your sex life with games and innovative ideas.

Try these tips and promise each other that your sex life won't take a backseat to anything.


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