How To Include Vegetables In Your Children's Diet?

By First Posted: Mar 12, 2012 Mon 9:00 AM Updated: Jan 15, 2016 Fri 2:49 AM
How To Include Vegetables In Your Children's Diet?
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Children are fussy eaters and all mommies know that. This is why mothers constantly worry about their children's diet and nutrition. One thing that it is usually hard to include in the children's diet is vegetables of any sort. Kids just don't like them. Indian kids are exposed to a variety of vegetables and they may like a few, but mostly what they like is cheese, paneer, chicken, chocolates, fast food and junk. How can you change this?

How To Make Your Children Eat Vegetables?

1. Expose your children to a big variety of vegetables as soon as they can start eating semi solid food. Many couples make the mistake of saving vegetables for later, and the later never comes. If you want them to start eating vegetables, start it when they cannot resist much.

2. Be clever with your recipes. Children like certain types of foods like pizza, pasta, burgers etc. You can make these foods healthier by adding loads of vegetables to these foods. So when you are making the patty for a burger, add more  of chopped vegetables and less of potatoes.

3. It's all about the presentation. If you can make a vegetable dish that looks yummy, half the job is done. So make an extra effort to present your healthy food in an appealing and attractive way.

4. Make the meals and cooking more participative. If your children are included in the planning and execution of a meal, they are less likely to reject it. Let them decorate their own pizza with various vegetable toppings. Allow them to choose the vegetables they'd like in a soup etc.

5. Encourage family dining times. Make it a regular affair for everyone in the family to sit down and eat together at least once a day. This will teach the child to eat whatever everyone else is eating.

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