He Doesn't Want You? Fix It Now!

By First Posted: Mar 5, 2012 Mon 9:00 AM Updated: Oct 14, 2016 Fri 1:35 AM
He Doesn't Want You? Fix It Now!
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As most married couples will vouch, long term relationships do get a little boring after a while. The romance goes out of the window and the daily humdrum takes its place. You get too familiar and comfortable with your partner after a while and then you stop putting up the facade that he/she fell in love with. As a result, things change and there is no chemistry or spark in the relationship any more. Yes, that's how it works.

Are you at this point in your relationship? Do you want to bring back the zing to your love life? Do you want to make him want you?

How To Make Him Want You?

1. Be bold and take initiative. Indian women are taught to never "want" sex. So while the ladies are happy to oblige, they would never initiate intimacy. Change that. Be bold and initiate the making out whenever you want to. Stop waiting for him to start. He'll love you for wanting him.

2. Take care of your appearance. As we said before, your enemy is the over-familiarity and comfort with each other. Put yourself out for him like you used to. Take care of your body, face and skin. Dress up to impress him, even if he's just your husband!

3. Get flirty. If nothing seems to work with him, get flirty...with his friends. As the green eyed monster begins to nag at his mind, he will definitely want to remind you where you belong. As long as it gets you what you want...

4. Create special moments. Plan special romantic getaways and dates where you make each other feel special. If you have kids, never take them along on these dates. If he feels he is still desirable to you, he is more likely to respond positively.


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