Beautiful Nails: TLC For Your Claws

By First Posted: Feb 28, 2012 Tue 11:00 AM Updated: Aug 25, 2014 Mon 10:03 PM
Beautiful Nails: TLC For Your Claws
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Beautiful hair, beautiful skin and toned body; these are the three most talked about things when we talk of beauty. But we often neglect our nails, or claws if you please. But believe it or not, your hands do get noticed by the opposite sex. No matter how much you care for your skin and hair, no matter how slim you are, your hands will definitely give away your age. And that’s because you have not tried to be friends with them. Showering some TLC on your hands and nails should be a part of your daily beauty regimen.

More than anything, you nails need regular cleaning. This is not just for beauty, but for health too. Who wants to breed disease carrying bacteria under the nails? Cleaning can be done at home or by the parlour waali ladki.

How To Clean: Cleaning your nails is simple common sense. Just follow these steps for both your hands and feet.

1. Soak in warm soap water for 5 minutes to remove the dirt and grime. Now remove the pointed end of the nail filer to remove the dirt from under the nails.

2. Wipe the nails and dip some cotton wool in a good quality nail-polish remover. Now wipe the nail polish off using this cotton ball. Begin from the base and work your way to the tip of the nail.

3. Now it’s time to cut corners or shape your nails. If they are too long or broken, first use a good quality nail-cutter to give a rough outline. Fine shape can be given with a nail filer. File each nail from the corner to the center. Don’t use see-saw strokes as these may damage the nail and leave it ridged.

4. Apply a base coat of good quality before you apply any nail-polish. And after you are done with coloring your claws, apply a top coat of a good nail varnish. This will strengthen the nail and prevent chipping of the nail polish.

5. Last but not the least; apply some moisturizer on both your hands and feet. When you see your cuticles and nails looking supple and well cared for, you’ll be happy you did this.

Nails are made of a protein called keratin. Healthy nails are pink in color and translucent. To get these healthy nails, cleaning and shaping is not enough. You need a proper diet with all the essential nutrients, to have healthy claws. So include fresh fruit and raw vegetables in your diet. Silicon rich foods, like onions, fish and broccoli are good for your nails. Zinc, vitamins and calcium should also be a part of your diet.

Experts advise taking a vitamin supplement every day to augment your diet. If you are not getting enough calcium in your diet, you will find your nails becoming brittle. A glass of milk with a banana, taken in breakfast every morning will fix this. Taking care of your nails is very important. Every woman needs healthy claws. Who knows when you may need to claw someone’s eyes out!!!

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