The Valentine Hate Club: Lovebirds forcibly get married

By First Posted: Feb 15, 2012 Wed 6:08 PM Updated: Feb 15, 2012 Wed 6:30 PM
The Valentine Hate Club: Lovebirds forcibly get married
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Most awaited day ends up, for some couples this Valentine day was awesome but for some couples the day was a nightmare. As we’ve seen there are many anti-valentine organizations in our country. They active their campaign during Valentine or any non-Indian rituals day. This Valentine’s Day on Tuesday was certainly “Unlucky” for some couples those were beaten by the rampaging Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal activists.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal activists on Tuesday forcibly married off two couples at a park near Osman Sagar Lake, Hyderabad to teach them a lesson. Their slogan was “Love doesn’t need a special day to express your feelings to your beloved, if you love her then marry her”.

Sai Ganesh and Vijayalakshmi from Shamirpet and Naveen and Sunitha from Uppal were forced to tie the knot. The activists made all the arrangements including, sindur, mangalsutra, bangles and even a priest.

VHP & Bajrang members propagate their campaign that, they will not allow young couples to run down the Indian culture and they will not be allowed to cheer the immoral acts in the name of Valentine's Day. If they really love each other they should get married.

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