Last minute instant gift plans for your Valentine

By First Posted: Feb 14, 2012 Tue 12:54 PM Updated: Feb 14, 2012 Tue 12:58 PM
Last minute instant gift plans for your Valentine
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Jab tanhayi main aap ki yaad aati hey,

Hontho pe ek fariyad aati hey…

Khuda aap ko har khusi de Kyon ki,

aaj bhi hamari har khusi

Aap ki baad aati hey…Happy Valentine Day

The most awaited day has come finally to celebrate with your beloved. A day that is dedicated to the couples to express their love. As the tradition couples presents gifts each other. Most of the couples planned before what to gift the valentine. If you didn’t planed to gift your valentine yet, don’t worry here we’re suggesting some last minute instant gift plans.

Customized T-Shirts or Mugs: Go to any shopping mall or to any gift center, choose a T-shirt or a mug customize it by a combine photo (you & your beloved).

A spiritual or philosophical book on love: Books are always a gift that reflects your personality, so It’d be a great idea if you’ll presents one spiritual or philosophical book on love to your beloved, It’ll reflect that you have faith on love.

A trip to your loved one's favorite destination: Select your nearest local hang-out place that is the most favorite destination of your beloved one.

A portrait/painting/sketch of your loved one: This is something that your valentine is going to like and will remember of your love every day.

Health & Fitness Gifts: Health or fitness equipments that your valentine needs or a membership to nearby gym/health club (good idea to include yourself in and make it for two) will make a gift that shows you are really concern for your loved one's well being.

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