Express your love, romance & affection, Happy Rose Day

By First Posted: Feb 7, 2012 Tue 2:25 PM Updated: Feb 7, 2012 Tue 2:50 PM
Express your love, romance & affection, Happy Rose Day
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Today is Rose Day!

Red signifies Love

White signifies Purity and innocence

Pink signifies Appreciation

Yellow signifies Joy and friendship

Orange signifies Desire and enthusiasm

Which colour will you give and to whom?

A red rose signifies love, romance & affection. Rose is a flower which people used more to express their feelings to their beloved one. Giving a Rose to somebody expresses your feelings about them, you can give it to your mother or father, sister or brother, friends or lovers. Rose is popular flower not only in our country but also all over the world.

Here are some more nontraditional February celebration days: 

7 Feb – ROSE DAY 

8 Feb - Propose Day 

9 Feb - Chocolate Day 

10 Feb - Teddy Day 

11 Feb - Promise Day 

12 Feb - Kiss Day 

13 - Feb Hug Day 


Memsaab team wishing you all a Very Lovable Rose Day.

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