Manners You Must Teach Your Little Ones

By First Posted: Feb 4, 2012 Sat 12:39 PM Updated: Apr 2, 2014 Wed 12:14 AM
Manners You Must Teach Your Little Ones
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Manners and etiquette are best learnt in childhood. If you teach your child to behave well, she will develop into a well behaved and good mannered adult. If you let her run lose in childhood, it will be hard to teach her proper social behaviour as she grows older and she might face social adjustment problems later. Hence it is best to teach tem while they are still young. Here are a few things that every child must be taught by its parents:

1. Thank You and Sorry: As Indians we do not say Thank You or Sorry as much as we should. We go around ordering waiters to get stuff but never bother with a Thank You. We bump into people but never say Sorry. This is increasingly being seen as rude behaviour. So you must teach your child the importance of saying these little words that can change how others perceive them.

2. Things Not To Be Said In Public: You must teach your child that it is not funny to talk about genitals in public just like it is rude to burp loudly or fart loudly and laugh. Similarly, your child should know that there are things that should not be told to everyone they meet.

3. Bad Language: A little child picks up a dirty curse word from his father's liberal use of it at home. Then he comes to school and uses the word. All the other kids pick it up and start using it as well. When you find that your child is using foul language or dirty words learnt in school, make sure that you don't laugh or encourage it as funny behaviour. Do the opposite.

4. Sharing Things: Often kids are possessive about their toys but expect other kids to share. This is your chance to teach your child the value of sharing things and helping others.

5. Table Manners: Last, but not the least, try to teach some table manners to your child while they are still young. It is advisable to let little kids eat themselves and be rewarded for not making a mess. Often parents try to feed kids themselves in order to avoid a mess, but this makes your child dependant on you.


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