Study of Sanskrit Makes You Smarter!

By First Posted: Jan 29, 2012 Sun 2:38 PM Updated: Apr 5, 2014 Sat 10:15 AM
Study of Sanskrit Makes You Smarter!
Image Credit: Ani News

The Ficino School in Mt Eden area of Auckland teaches Sanskrit to its students and this is what they say about it: "It has a wonderful system of sound and grammar, which gives the child an excellent base for the study of any language. Children love its order and beauty. Sanskrit not only gives young learners a clear understanding of the structure of language, it also heightens their awareness of the process of speech, creating a greater understanding of and ability to, enunciate words clearly."

On one hand, this school in New Zealand is promoting universal values and a diversity of culture/language, and on the other hand Sanskrit seems to be a dying language in our own country. What do you think can we do to restore Sanskrit to its rightful place in our culture and society?

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