3 Weight-Loss Tips That REALLY Work

By First Posted: Jan 21, 2012 Sat 6:57 PM Updated: Apr 2, 2014 Wed 12:39 AM
3 Weight-Loss Tips That REALLY Work
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If you have tried everything and are certain that NOTHING works, give these 3 tricks a shot before you give up your attempts to lose weight.

1. Eat 3-4 Apples Every Day. Apples are very low in calories. The Pectin in this fruit makes you feel full for longer. So when you consume 3-4 apples in a day, obviously you will eat lesser of other unhealthier foods. Try to eat an apple before lunch and one before dinner. Apart from these 2, try to substitute your mid-meal snack with an apple. If you like you can have banana or cucumber along with 2 apples.

2. Maintain A Food Diary. Often we keep telling ourselves that we do not eat anything unhealthy, yet we are overweight. So something else must be to blame. But when you start recording every bit of food that goes into your mouth, you come to realization about the mistakes you are making. It makes it easier to accept your mistakes and correct them.

3. Eat In Smaller Plates. If you eat in big plates, your portion size will naturally be big. But if you switch to small sized plates, you can cut down your consumption without feeling like you have given up much. It's just a simple way of tricking your own mind into satisfaction.

Apart from these 3 tips, just drink plenty of water, walk a lot and try to live a healthy stress free life.

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