Survivor India - Kya Jee Paoge???

By First Posted: Jan 10, 2012 Tue 6:51 PM
Survivor India - Kya Jee Paoge???
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Survivor India is a latest adventurous reality Television program on Star Plus starting from 6th Jan, 2012. This show is based on the true battle of wit, integrity and existence amongst people having basic elements to live life on a remote tropical island.

Contestants of Survivor India have to find their own food, build their own shelter and create their own living. Survivor India Slogan begins with “Kya Jee Paoge?” It means only the fittest will survive and will be the ultimate winner of Survivor India. The show is full of adventure, action, drama, life tragedy and battle to survive.

There are total 22 contestants in Survivor India, a mix of celebrities & common people of India. The total members are divided into two 2 teams. Both teams have to face a challenge each day. The show is for 45 days. Last survivor will become the winner of Survivor India.


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