What made Juhi Parmar the Big Boss 5 Winner?

By First Posted: Jan 9, 2012 Mon 6:59 PM Updated: Jan 10, 2012 Tue 12:22 AM
What made Juhi Parmar the Big Boss 5 Winner?
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What made Juhi Parmar the Big Boss 5 Winner…her performance? or her approach towards others in the Big Boss House? or her fan following votes?

From day 1 Juhi is in the house, as we saw her performance was very smooth. She was the most silent player in the house. She never caught in fights or arguments with others.

Juhi Parmar managed to stay away from nominations for very long time. Juhi was just nominated thrice on the show. While inmates like Mahek and Pooja Misrra were nominated almost every week. So anyway Juhi's dominating personality came out in the Big Boss house. Earlier she was Pooja Bedi's follower later she became Sky's friend & she really used Sky so well and influenced him to fight with others.

Finally the race is over & Juhi Parmar won the race. It took 3 long months to come to an end. Juhi Parmar, Indian televison’s favourite “Bahu” finally emerges the Big Boss season 5 winners defeating other inmates, Amar Upadhya, Mahek Chahel, Siddharth Bharadwaj and Akashdeep. Juhi won a cash prize of 1 crore. Juhi Parmar is yet another television Bahu to have come out as a 'Big Boss' winner after Shweta Tiwari won the title Last Year. Juhi was the only contestant who's been in the Big house since day one and looks like her ideal bahu image carried her a long way and finally crowning her as the 'Big House' winner.

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