Detox With These Foods

By First Posted: Jan 5, 2012 Thu 6:00 AM Updated: Sep 15, 2014 Mon 6:56 PM
Detox With These Foods
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With the amount of junk food and unhealthy toxins that are found in our diets, it is necessary to detoxify the body once in a while. Though the human body is capable of detoxifying on its own, you could make the job easier by doing your bit and helping it.

Here are the Top 5 foods that are helpful in a detox process.

1. Garlic: It is common knowledge that garlic helpd in reducing blood cholestrol and maintaining general heart health. But it does more than just that. It purifies blood and can be used to detox. Try to add a little of raw garlic to a salad and you can enjoy this salad to detox.

2. Lemons: The Vitamin C found in this Citrus fruit has great health benefits. It regulated the body's pH balance and cleanses your system by flushing out the toxins. Lemons are best enjoyed as sweet or saline lemonade.

3. Beetroot: Beets are well known for their health benefits. Beets are great for your skin and hair. They are most beneficial in cleansing an unhealthy liver. If raw beetroot is too unpalatable for you, try its juice. It can also be boiled and used in salads.

4. Green Tea: The Chinese swear by it, and now so do our celebrities. Green Tea is full of antioxidants and boosts immunity. If you sip on green tea a couple of times a day, it helps in naturally flushing out the body's toxins.

5. Fruit: Juicy fruit like oranges and watermelons are great detox foods. The high water content makes it easy for the body to remove the toxins and cleanse itself from the inside.


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