And Now Fake Indian Products On Foreign Shores!

By First Posted: Jan 3, 2012 Tue 9:00 AM Updated: Nov 7, 2013 Thu 7:31 PM
And Now Fake Indian Products On Foreign Shores!
Image Credit: News on MSN

After capturing the huge Indian markets with their cheap products, the Chinese are now again hurting our economy in an entirely different way.

Did you know your favorite popular Indian brands like Dabur and ITC are easily available in many parts of the world? Well, they are. The only difference is that these products are FAKE. Yes, Chinese are now making fake copies of our original brands and selling them in the markets. This obviously has a negative impact on the quality associated with the brand, and causes our economy an annual loss of $5 billion annually. Raids have been conducted in China and it has been found that our brands are copied in China, a "Made in India" tag is applied, and the products are supplied world over. Imagine the goodwill/image of our quality products when a foreigner consumes a fake of the same brand!

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