"Science and Technology for Inclusive Innovation - Role of Women" Theme for Science Congress 2012

By First Posted: Jan 1, 2012 Sun 11:42 PM Updated: Jan 1, 2012 Sun 11:48 PM
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This is the theme of this year's Science Congress this year in 2012 which is starting from Janury 3rd in KIIT University, Bhubaneswar will be attended by many Nobel laureates, corporate bigwigs, scientists and leaders of the world. While our PM Manmohan Singh will inagurate the science congress, India's Ambassador to the US Nirupama Rao will kick off the Women's Science Congress on Thursday.

The five-day Congress would see scientists deliberating on:

- Preventing maternal and child mortality, 

- Assisted technology for disabled, 

- Science and education in rural areas, 

- Women in science, 

- Water scarcity,

- Climate Change 

- Security.

We hope these mega events is just not a bureaucratic show down and it needs in breaking the myth which still persists that, women in India are less suited to pursue science and technology and will boost women empowerment.

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