"Fight Back" App will Help you to Fight Sex Assult

By First Posted: Dec 21, 2011 Wed 2:09 PM Updated: Jan 23, 2014 Thu 8:11 PM
Image Credit: Fight Back

Indian non-profit Whypoll has created a smart phone app called "Fight Back", which sends an SOS message via text message, email and Facebook so that you can immediately alert your friends and family when you feel that you are at risk.

Once the SOS is activated, recipients will be able to track the sender's location via GPS.

It will be better for you include a contact number for the Delhi police in your SOS shortlist although the primary function of the app is to inform your friends and families as per Whypoll co-founder Hindol Sengupta.

However we learned that Delhi police force neither know anything about the mobile app nor they have any idea how to handle these complaints.

Fight Back app is designed to work with Nokia, Samsung, HTC and BlackBerry smartphones and costs Rs 100/- for one year.

The app has been launched in many cities.

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